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A Warning About Time

Many people will come across your path on a daily basis, with no objective in mind.  They don’t have any goals for themselves. They will make idle conversation that doesn’t do anything for them or for you.  It just wastes your time.  Do you know the one thing that we all have in common?  We all have 24 hours each day.  365 days in each year.  Doesn’t it make sense to utilize that time as effectively as possible to get the most out of our lives and to achieve our goals?

There is no magic to achieving goals.  What there is magic to; the planning and execution necessary to accomplish our goals.  Limit the people who are wasting time in your life.  These people are time thieves.  They are stealing your time and they are stealing time away from you accomplishing the actions that take you closer to your goals.  Don’t let them do it!  When you speak to somebody, make sure that you have an objective, and they have an objective.

If you document what you have done for the last three weeks, hour by hour, day by day, you will find that most of the hours that you are awake you are not utilizing your time effectively.  Realize that your time can be better spent and your life will be more enjoyable.  As you achieve your actions, you get closer to achieving your goals.  When you finally reach a goal, you will be excited.

Above all else, to achieve goals, don’t stop dreaming.  Make sure to take time every day to think about future projects that you would like to do.  This is the passion that will keep you really focused on the current projects that you have in mind and the current actions that you need to accomplish in order to achieve your current goals.