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The Accountant is Usually Only Hired Help

Don’t ever wait for the accountant to tell you whether you’re making or losing money.  If you do, it will probably be too late.  Know your numbers.  I like most accountants, but they’re hired help;  they don’t have the sweat and tears that you have into your business.  They will only help so much and since most accountants aren’t available to you daily, you must become a good manager of how much you need to make to cover expenses and make a profit.

The wonderful thing about using direct response techniques is that you can determine (with relative accuracy) how profitable you are every day.  Use the example budget that I have given you (it’s in the first bonus report in the Secrets To Making Money Now System).  This example budget will help you focus on reasonable costs for product, overhead, and advertising.

Get a computer or someone who knows how to use one.  Use software that will give you goals of what you need to accomplish, cost and revenue-wise, to be successful.  Once you know the numbers it is easier to succeed.  I have fixed many businesses that relied on information from accountants that was accurate, yet too late to be helpful.  Know your costs and profits daily.