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Be Innovative

People often confuse innovation with creativity in business.  Innovation is simply having a better mousetrap.  Rosser Reeves wrote about the unique selling proposition in the book, “Reality In Advertising”.  The unique selling proposition that every product, good, or service may have is the core of innovation.

Being able to communicate the unique features of what you have to offer in a specific manner, is critically important for achieving a distinguishable difference between you and your competitors.

Most business people, regardless of what they’re selling fail to understand their sales pitch from the consumer’s point of view.  Everyone wants to know what you’re going to do for them.  If you can’t relay that to consumers, then you fall into the same trap that keeps most business people trapped in mediocrity.

One of the most powerful headlines that you can use to distinguish yourself from other competitors selling a similar product, good, or service is Five Powerful Reasons Why You Should Use (your product, good or service).  I picked five, but you could easily substitute three or four, or six, or two reasons just as easily.

The point here is that people need to be led in a compelling manner and know why they should part with their hard earned money.

Your innovation may be like Domino’s Pizza’s original proposition:  30 minutes or less, or it’s free.  This would be a service innovation.

Or, you may choose to offer a product innovation.  Magnavox televisions now offer a device to find your lost remote control.

Your innovation may be better terms, or a better guarantee.  Whatever innovation that you choose and foster as your competitive advantage, or unique selling proposition, it must be specific.  Don’t just throw out terms like we have more experience, or better service, or we’re open more hours.  Tell people the specifics and fill in everyone in your sales process about the specific innovations that you offer.  If you have a product innovation, ask yourself if your innovation really is something consumers want.

Simply ask people how you can improve what you’re doing and then listen; often a query of others will provide some great ideas.  Again, this will take some effort on your part; yet, if you can specifically articulate why people should do business with you, it will prove deadly to competitors.