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Be The Leader Of The Band

Many people fail to put it all together in business.  There’s a variety of reasons for this.  Above all, their lack of ability to plan their actions in advance is the biggest reason why many people fail in business.

Secondly, if you avoid the activities that produce sales and revenues you’re almost certain of failure.  Everyone knows that more has to come in the front door than they go out the back.  The fact is that it’s very easy to get caught up in a web of deception where you believe that you’re working when in reality your work isn’t generating profits.  Instead you’re dissipating capital.  I call this reality avoidance.  Reality is that you have to make money and many people don’t organize their activities and actions around this simple principle.  You must do so.

Being the leader of the band is simply being a great orchestrator of all the events that put your business together.  Look at your business activities through a wide angle lens and see the big picture.  Don’t look at your activities in a narrow scope.  If you do, you’ll miss the chance to put everything together and you’ll probably avoid focusing on the activities that make money.

As the old saying goes, “take time to sharpen your ax before you chop wood”.  If you do it will be easier to produce results and actions that will allow you to put it all together as the leader of your band.