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Competitive Advantage

Every person in business must have a competitive advantage and must be able to tell people what their competitive advantage is.  If you don’t have a competitive advantage, then it’s difficult for someone to whom you are proposing your product, information or services, to give you the business over someone else.  What are some of […]

The Psychology of Advertising That Wins

You have to sell your hobby, interest or passion. Part of selling your hobby, interest or passion is advertising. The first thing to do when you create an ad is to sit down and ask yourself, “What am I offering to someone who is a potential customer?”  If you can’t answer that question, you are […]

Pick a Target and Take Action

It’s awfully hard to hit a target that you can’t see.  Yet many people walk through life aimlessly from Friday to Friday with no compelling target in mind. I can’t tell you what your dreams are. I can’t tell you what your aspirations or desires are.  What I can tell you is that you must have them […]

Be Innovative

People often confuse innovation with creativity in business.  Innovation is simply having a better mousetrap.  Rosser Reeves wrote about the unique selling proposition in the book, “Reality In Advertising”.  The unique selling proposition that every product, good, or service may have is the core of innovation. Being able to communicate the unique features of what […]

Negotiate Successes

Almost everything in life can be better negotiated to your advantage.  If you don’t ask for better prices, better terms, and better conditions, it’s difficult for you to succeed. The most important thing in negotiating is that you have to be willing to walk away from a negotiation.  You also must be sensitive as to […]