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Recruit People to Help You

I was once told that a helping hand is as far away as the end of my arm.  I enjoyed that statement and it still carries true today.  But, true growth in financial prosperity comes when you realize what you’re good at and also what you’re not good at.  No matter who you think of, […]

Don’t Give Up! Succeed!

I don’t want to sound like Vince Lombardi (although he was one helluva motivator), but let’s face it; most people have no backbone.  They stop on the 20 yard line of life and walk off the field.  Many wealthy people that I’ve met have lost it all; some on more than on occasion, yet they rebuild and […]

Use Compelling Headlines

Most advertising efforts are failures.  A lot of folks go into business thinking if they spend money everything will be terrific.  The fact is that you have to become a master salesperson to succeed.  Great ads, sales pitches, direct mail pieces, infomercials, radio or TV commercials, or any successful effort in selling begins with a […]

Know Your Numbers

Say what? I thought business was supposed to be fun.  It is; especially if you’re still in it, making a profit twelve months after you begin.  The fault with most businesses is what I call the watermelon problem. You have of course heard of the watermelon problem haven’t you?  OK, this is the story….two guys […]

A Warning About Time

Many people will come across your path on a daily basis, with no objective in mind.  They don’t have any goals for themselves. They will make idle conversation that doesn’t do anything for them or for you.  It just wastes your time.  Do you know the one thing that we all have in common?  We […]