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Don’t Give Up! Succeed!

I don’t want to sound like Vince Lombardi (although he was one helluva motivator), but let’s face it; most people have no backbone.  They stop on the 20 yard line of life and walk off the field.  Many wealthy people that I’ve met have lost it all; some on more than on occasion, yet they rebuild and learn from their mistakes.

Recently, I was asked, what it takes to succeed online? There are a lot of answers, but here are my five keys to succeeding in an online business.

  1. Sell what people want to buy (fit a product to a market)
  2. Have a sufficient mark up
  3. Get help from someone else if you need it (be humble, it’s very enlightening)
  4. Know your numbers

Above all else, don’t give up!  Learn from your mistakes.  Listen to those that make more money than you and ask why.

Persistence will eventually overcome almost any situation in business.  I truly believe that most people get whipped, beat up, and let the circumstances around them dictate their life.  Remember anyone can give up, not everyone can stay in the race. Stay in the race. Succeed.