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Educate Your Customers

People want facts, not fairy tales.  Give people the reasons why they need your offer, and be compelling.  Inform them with the specifics and then lead them to action.

Many business people sell on price, which usually results in a business with poor margins for a lot of work.  I’ve found that price is a deciding factor in many sales situations, yet other factors are often just as important.  Terms, guarantees, and benefits can often overshadow price.  You have to determine who your market is and address it.  Just merely selling on price is not always the solution.  If you do sell on price, tell people why you can do so.  Is it lower overhead that allows you to do so?  Better buying strength?  Maybe you’re the manufacturer and you can sell direct without the markup of the middleman.  If you sell on quality, educate your customer on the steps that you take to insure quality.  Be specific and not vague.  The point here is that people want to know what the heck they’re paying for in order to make a valuable buying decision.  If they don’t know, it’s hard to justify their decision.

Inform and educate with specifics and you’ll have a much better chance for success in selling whatever you choose to sell.