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I provide professional services. I work like many other coaches and consultants – on a time and expense basis. My first half hour meeting with you, to get to know you and understand your needs, is complimentary. After that, you have two options:

  1. To start with a Strategic Analysis, a big-picture view of your business, organization or self which looks at all your challenges and opportunities in light of what you want to accomplish, and generates a menu of options about how I can address those needs working together. Each of those options can become a structured project with a defined budget once I define the specifications. A Strategic Analysis is actually one project (defined time and budget) that generates other projects.
  2. To start with one or more Professional Services, a defined activity like analyzing and making decisions on You Tube, Ad Sense or Ad Words data, SEO Consulting, an advertisement, a blog post, or personal coaching with a beginning and an end or deliverable. Typically I will provide you with several budget options for each project that interests you, so the project is exactly what you want.

Sometimes neither you nor I know enough specific details┬áto set a project budget upfront. In that case I begin with a phased budget – the first step being a project design phase (like designing a house before you estimate the cost to build it) with a fixed budget, which enables me to generate a specific budget and detailed phases for the rest of the project.

For example planning an advertising campaign often falls into this category. I have to determine media budget, graphic design and copywriting that will go into the campaign before I can estimate how much it will cost to execute it.

Each project I do for you is defined in a Service Agreement and Scope of Work for good business practices and communications. As we move forward on the project, I keep you informed of progress, and once a month invoice you for the services and expenses incurred during that month period. Depending on the project and the expenses incurred – such as buying advertising for you – I may need some payment upfront.

My invoices include a clear “ordinary language” explanation of what the invoice is for. But of course any time you have a question, I encourage you to contact me to schedule an appointment to answer any questions you may have.

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