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Stream Money Not Music

Looking at my bank account dwindling near zero I start to complain and shift blame. Sure most of my clients are slow paying. Sure most of my clients pay late. It’s their fault my bank account is looking so empty. Wrong. It’s my fault because I only have one stream of income.

Robert G. Allen turned me on to the idea of multiple streams of income back in the mid 90s. The idea changed my thinking on producing income. I’d had two or three jobs at different points in my life. I ran myself in the ground. Luckily I was young and full of strength and energy. Then another idea hit me.

What if I worked the money to make more money instead of me working myself to make more money? That’s when life became interesting.

Free time and financial freedom comes from treating money as a worker. Give your money a job.

Money, I’m going to hook you up with some of your friends. You and your friends have one job and that is to multiply yourselves. Money doesn’t sleep or get tired so they go to work on your behalf 24/7/365. Like any good boss, you have to create opportunities for money to do it’s job. Now is when the idea of multiple streams of income comes into play.

You see, if you have money working on the internet and on land you can easily create multiple streams of income. Develop some web properties online.  Develop some rental properties. If you have five of each. You have ten streams of income. Take some of your cash flow and invest in “flip” properties online or offline. Now you’re getting “bonuses”. You’re getting big chunks of money in addition to your streams of income. All of this creates the momentum you need to gain more free time and financial freedom.

More free time and financial freedom is what we want.