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Use Compelling Headlines

Most advertising efforts are failures.  A lot of folks go into business thinking if they spend money everything will be terrific.  The fact is that you have to become a master salesperson to succeed.  Great ads, sales pitches, direct mail pieces, infomercials, radio or TV commercials, or any successful effort in selling begins with a powerful headline or opening statement.  Ads or pitches that don’t get your attention won’t get your money; plain and simple.

Getting someone’s favorable attention is like building a foundation for a house.  If you don’t get attention in a favorable manner, you won’t make a sale.

If you build a house and the foundation is weak, your house won’t stand.

Make your headlines grab people’s attention.  Go through my listing of headlines.  Save powerful headlines that get you to stop.  Tape and transcribe great sales pitches, and understand the similarities.  All begin with a compelling, attention grabbing headline or opening statement.

If you see an ad and someone uses their name as a headline they have failed.  Often I see these ads (often placed by ad agencies) and the ads say nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Even worse there’s no call to action, telling someone how they can buy.  Years ago when I started spending my own money on ads, I learned that you have to get more back than what you spend.  The only way to get that to happen is to spend time constructing very powerful headlines.  Then test the headlines and see which ones bring the most response.  Remember that you can only test one thing at a time.  Spend a great deal of time on developing headlines and opening statements in every sales situation that you encounter.  It will pay off.